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Rustic Bed

Your Project, Your Choices, Our Commitment Beyond Design



At THE MODULAR KARPENTER, we are committed to the durability and quality of our craftsmanship. To provide you with utmost assurance and peace of mind, we offer comprehensive warranties for both woodwork and hardware components in your interior design project.

Woodwork Warranty (10 Years):

We proudly provide a 10-year warranty specifically tailored for the woodwork within your interior design project. This extensive warranty ensures that you enjoy a decade of worry-free satisfaction with the woodwork. It encompasses coverage against any defects or issues that may arise during this substantial period, offering you a guarantee of the woodwork's structural integrity and quality.

On-Site Services Warranty (1 Year):

In addition to our woodwork warranty, we extend a 1-year warranty for on-site services. This warranty is designed to address any workmanship-related concerns or adjustments that may be required within the first year after the completion of your project. We are dedicated to delivering not only exceptional craftsmanship but also the reliability of our services. With this warranty, you can rest assured that any issues will be promptly resolved, ensuring your complete satisfaction during the initial phase of your project.

Our paramount objective is to provide you with a sense of confidence and security in the quality of our work, both in the short-term and the long-term. We prioritize your satisfaction above all else and are committed to addressing any issues promptly, should they arise.

Please be aware that specific terms and conditions govern these warranties, and these details can be discussed further during our consultation process. We believe in transparency and will ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the coverage and benefits associated with these warranties.

Hardware Warranty:

In addition to the warranties offered by hardware manufacturers for components such as fixtures, fittings, and appliances, we facilitate a direct connection between you, our valued client, and these manufacturers. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to ensuring that you have access to the warranty benefits provided by the hardware components used in your project.

Direct Warranty Access:

Any warranty claims or support related to the hardware will be seamlessly managed directly between you and the respective manufacturer. We will provide you with all pertinent documentation and information regarding the warranties of the hardware components incorporated into your project. This means that you can avail yourself of any applicable benefits or support from the manufacturers during the specified warranty periods with ease and confidence.

Our Facilitation Role:

Our role in this process is to facilitate a seamless integration of these hardware items into your overall design plan while ensuring that you have access to all necessary warranty information for future reference. We aim to empower you to take full advantage of the warranties provided by the manufacturers, giving you complete control and peace of mind.

Cancellation & Refund

Project Parting: It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

Life can be unpredictable, and so can interior design projects. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to bid adieu to your project with us, don't worry; we're here to ensure a smooth transition. Check out our policy for cancellations after the booking payment period:

Booking Phase

Time Period: Within 48 hours of paying the booking fee

Eligibility: You'll receive a 100% refund

Design in Progress

Time Period: At any point

Eligibility: Unfortunately, no refunds or cancellations are available at this stage

Manufacturing (after 50% payment)

Time Period: At any point

Eligibility: Regrettably, no refunds or cancellations during this phase

Installation (before 100% payment)

Time Period: At any point

Eligibility: We're sorry, but no refunds or cancellations are possible at this stage (Please note: The customer is obligated to pay the remaining balance of the Sales Order value)

Just remember, it's not a goodbye; it's a "see you later." Whenever you're ready to embark on your interior design journey again, we'll be here to welcome you back.

Adaptations and Changes with THE MODULAR KARPENTER: Tailoring Your Project

At THE MODULAR KARPENTER, we understand that the path to your ideal interior design project can evolve. Here's how our policy works for making changes or canceling products in your order:

Booking Fee

Initial Token: We require a booking fee of 5% of your projected quote or Rs 25,000 (whichever is higher) to secure THE MODULAR KARPENTER’s services.

Design in Progress

What It Entails: This phase involves active collaboration with your designer to finalize all design aspects of your project.

Product Flexibility: Before the final Sales Order is generated, you have the flexibility to replace or remove any product from the tentative quotation.

Cancellation: If you decide to cancel the project at this stage, please be aware that no refunds will be issued after 48 hours of making the booking. This fee compensates your designer for their time and effort in creating the initial pitch and quotations.

Sales Order

What It Is: The Sales Order is the conclusive document raised by your designer to initiate the execution of all your chosen designs, products, and services.

Payment: This order becomes effective once you've settled 50% of your total order value.


What It Involves: This phase follows the creation of the Sales Order, where all your products and designs proceed to manufacturing.

Modification Restrictions: Post this stage, THE MODULAR KARPENTER is unable to accommodate any requests for canceling, replacing, or modifying items.


What It Marks: This phase occurs after your products have been manufactured and are ready for installation in your space.

Changes Not Possible: Beyond this point, THE MODULAR KARPENTER cannot entertain requests for cancelation, replacement, or modification of items. Customers are expected to fulfill the outstanding balance of the Sales Order.

Our commitment at THE MODULAR KARPENTER is to provide a transparent and efficient interior design journey, ensuring that you receive the best possible service while accommodating your project's evolving needs.

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