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Premium LUXURY Package

Premium LUXURY Package - Luxury Perfected, Unleashing Opulence in Every Detail

3D Design: Detailed three-dimensional visualizations to help clients visualize their space before execution.

2D Design: Precise two-dimensional drawings including floor plans, elevations, and technical specifications for construction purposes.

Material Selection: Assistance in selecting suitable materials such as finishes, flooring options, fixtures, furniture pieces ,etc., based on client preferences and project requirements. (Materials to be procured by Client)

Weekly Site Visits: Regular visits to the site Twice a week during the construction phase to monitor progress and ensure adherence to design specifications.

Labour Contacts: Providing contacts or recommendations for skilled laborers or contractors who can execute the project as per design requirements. (Client can directly negotiate terms with them)

Onsite Finish: Supervision of onsite finishing works to maintain quality standards throughout the project implementation stage.

Factory Finish Support: Providing Contact of manufacturers or suppliers for factory-finished items such as customized furniture or modular components if required by the client. (Client can directly negotiate terms with them)

Follow-up with Vendors: Acting as a liaison between vendors/suppliers and clients for any follow-ups required during procurement.

Pricing Information: The pricing is calculated at ₹120,000/-  for a 1200 square foot area. (₹100/square foot multiplied by Floor Plan Area)


Easy Payment Milestone

Book Premium LUXURY Package

Pay 50% of the final quote or ₹50000/- (whichever is Higher) to start the process


3D design: Based on the initial discussion and requirements shared by you, we create 3D model of the designs.

Design Discussion: Once the designs are ready, we call you for the design discussion.

Review & Refinement: Reviewing and Refinement of designs if required.

Finalize 3D design: Freeze the designs, we move on to next level.


Pay 100% to unlock next level of the process

Material selection: As per your designs, pick your color combinations, materials and finishes.

2D design: Its time to create 2D design based on the material selection, this drawing helps the vendor to execute your project.

Labour/Factory Contacts: We provide you the contact detail of vendors required for this project.

Site Visits: Your designer visits the site for quality check and answer your clarificaion if any.

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