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Exclusive VIP Package

Exclusive VIP Package - Exclusivity Elevated, Tailored Luxury for the Ultimate Experience

3D Design: Detailed three-dimensional visualizations to help clients visualize their space before execution.

2D Design: Precise two-dimensional drawings including floor plans, elevations, and technical specifications for construction purposes.

Material Selection: Assistance in selecting suitable materials such as finishes, flooring options, fixtures, furniture pieces ,etc., based on client preferences and project requirements.

Weekly Site Visits: Regular visits to the site twice a week during the construction phase to monitor progress and ensure adherence to design specifications.

Labours: In-house set of skilled laborers or contractors who can execute the project as per design requirements.

Onsite Finish: Supervision of onsite finishing works to maintain quality standards throughout the project implementation stage.

Factory Finish Support: Coordination with manufacturers or suppliers for factory-finished items such as customized furniture or modular components.

Procurement Services: Management of all necessary procurement activities including sourcing materials , handling follow-ups on behalf of the client.

Project Update: Providing timely updates on your interior design project, keeping you informed about progress, milestones, and any necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and successful execution.

One Point Contact: By providing comprehensive design services along with execution support and material procurement under one package, we are offering convenience and peace of mind for our clients who may prefer having a single point of contact throughout their interior design journey.

Pricing Information: The pricing for this package starts from ₹1500/- per square foot. However ,it is important to note that pricing can vary depending on factors such as scope of work, demands & complexity involved . It is advisable to have free consultations where you can tell us your specific needs, discuss project details, finishes etc. and we can provide accurate cost estimates tailored accordingly.


Easy Payment Milestone

Book Exclusive VIP Package

Pay 5% of the Budgetary quote or ₹25000/- (whichever is Higher) to start the process


3D design: Based on the initial discussion and requirements shared by you, we create 3D model of the designs.

Design Discussion: Once the designs are ready, we call you for the design discussion.

Review & Refinement: Reviewing and Refinement of designs if required.

Finalize 3D design: Freeze the designs, we move on to next level.

Material selection: As per your designs, pick your color combinations, materials and finishes.

Pay 50% of the final quote to place an order

2D design: Its time to create 2D design based on the material selection, this drawing helps the vendor to execute your project.

Material Procurement: We start procuring all the materials required for your project.

Onsite Work: Civil work like False ceiling, alterations of walls, plumbing and electrification starts at site.

Pay 100% to unlock next level of the process

Materials dispatch: All the materials as per your order arrives at site and we are ready for the installation process.

Site Visits: Your designer and project manager visits the site for quality check and answer your clarificaion if any.

Handover: Its time to Move in your dream home.

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